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  • Custard Cook-Up 10kg
    Flour / Cereal / Premixes - CUST500
    RECIPE: Frutex Cook Up Custard Mix Cold Water Boiling Water 1000g 1000ml 2000ml METHOD: 1. Bring 2000ml of water to the boil. 2. Add 1000g of Frutex Cook Up Custard Mix to 1000ml of cold water. 3. Stir the smooth cold water/custard blend into the boiling water and bring back to the boil to eliminate the starchy aftertaste. 4.a Allow the custard to cool (stir occasionally) then pour onto pastry sheets to make vanilla slice. 4.b Allow the custard to cool overnight in a fridge, then using a mixer and a whisk add whipped cream to the custard to make crème patisserie. Suggested ration 2:1 custard/whipped cream.
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